Coaching with Team Dashboard

Team Dashboard provides resources and tools that enable team leaders to effectively coach their team.

Relationship Insights screenshot Relationship Insights screenshot
Relationship Insights screenshot Relationship Insights screenshot
Team Insights for your team

Leader as coach

Team leaders inspire change, and those that take on the role as a coach are very effective in settings where performance or results need improvement. They help others to advance their skills, build bench strength, and provide a lot of guidance. The coaching leadership style is most effective when followers are responsible, experienced, and open to change.

Team Dashboard encourages self-awareness and sharing in a safe, social setting, allowing exploration and celebration of the unique strengths of each member. It sets the foundation for improved communication, curiosity, and insight so that coaching conversations resonate and lead to lasting improvement.

Ready-to-use workshops and activities

We realize that you have limited time, so we have created ready-to-use team workshops and activities that can be integrated into your meeting schedule.

The team workshops and activities are designed to integrate Team Dashboard into your team discussions for maximum impact. We give you a step-by-step guide and handout materials to make it simple to facilitate activities for your team, whether for an offsite meeting, a team building event, or your weekly meeting.

Get a certified facilitator

Interact with a certified facilitator

Want to take your team workshop to the next level? Add engaging team workshops, using our certified facilitators, to your Team Dashboard experience.

You’ll get design and roll-out consulting support and interactive live workshops to get the most of Team Dashboard. Team building activities can be fun and educational, and our experts will help your team celebrate strengths, improve harmony, understand conflict, and enhance decision making.

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Are you a professional coach? Learn how you can join our network and become a certified facilitator.