The Team Dashboard

Accelerate success with insights to improve individual performance, relationships, and team dynamics.

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Team Dashboard delivers research-based insights and action tips you can use to build stronger relationships and more effective teams.

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Online. On-demand.

Engage team members with access to personalized relationship perspectives and action tips at the point of immediate need. Anytime. On-demand.

Flexible and easy.

Whether accelerating performance for yourself, your team, or your entire organization, it is easy to get started and easy to scale.

Research-driven personalization.

Use individual and team development strategies and action tips that are targeted based on their unique profile.

A Resource for You

Discover strengths

Better understand and appreciate the unique strengths within yourself and others on the team. Learn more about Personal Insights

Dynamic relationship suggestions

Access practical perspectives and action tips for working effectively with each person on your team, based on a combination of your profiles. Learn more about Relationship Insights

Thousands of action tips and development strategies

Team Dashboard selects bite size perspectives, insights, and actions tips based on research and your specific profile that you set through our Discovery experience. Learn more about Development Insights

Action items and continuous engagement

Stay engaged with action items, automated e-mail reminders, and status updates that you set yourself, assuring that are reminded of key points at the most impactful times. Learn more about Action Planning

A Resource for your Team

Understand team dynamics

Team Dashboard selects bite-sized perspectives, insights, and actions tips based on research and your specific profile that each of you set through our Discovery experience.

Benchmark performance

Use TeamPulse to measure your team performance against key success attributes. Track performance to identify small problems before they become major issues. Learn more about TeamPulse

Stronger relationships

Empower team members to view specific insights based on their unique combination of proiles. Insights are designed to provide a constructive perspective on differences and challenges. Learn more about Relationship Insights

Appreciate differences, manage conflicts

Success on teams requires different perspectives on members’ strengths, but these same differences cause conflict. Give teammates a way to build appreciation for differences and find constructive solutions to interpersonal issues. Learn more about Personal Insights

The Anatomy of the Team Dashboard

Anatomy of the Leadership Dashboard
Understand strengths with Personal Insights

After a discovery process, view reports on your profile, behavior-patterns, and strengths.

Develop yourself with Development Insights

Access thousands of bite-sized development tips that are personalized for you.

Build relationships with Relationship Insights

Understand similarities and differences with your team. View insights for working together effectively.

Optimize teams with Team Insights

View your team from a holistic point-of-view to understand team dynamics. Track team attributes over time.

Drive success with Action Items

Create personalized action items using suggested action tips. Stay engaged with automated reminders.

Coach with Coaching Tools

If you’re a leader, work with your team to create personalized plans to optimize performance.

Why personalized insights and development?


Each of us has unique development needs and relationships. Each team has unique dynamics. One-size-fits-all solutions can only take you so far.


Leading research provides insights into human behavior differences and how these differences impact relationships and professional development.


To impact drive impact, insights and learning must be relevant, actionable and available when needed.

We deliver personalized insights, action tips, and bite-sized learning selected based on unique individual and team profiles. Each member of your team builds their own profile and receives unique insights.