Essential Motivators

Strengthen relationships by understanding the underlying needs and values that drive our behavior

Why use Essential Motivators to build relationships and effective teams?

Understanding the needs, values, and motivations that drive behavior can help people apply their strengths, avoid possible pitfalls, and learn to flex to work more effectively with others.

Learn when and how to flex to build stronger relationships and work together effectively
Use online resources and automated reminders to support application and sustain engagement
Essential Motivators four types

What is the Essential Motivator Lens?

The Essential Motivator lens provides insights into our inherent talents and the underlying values that drive us.

Understanding these drivers and knowing how to flex when necessary helps optimize relationships and team success. This solution is designed to be easy-to-learn and easy-to-apply.

Essential Motivators self-discovery assessment


Complete an online self-discovery module to learn about Essential Motivator patterns and build your profile.


Team-building materials

Download team-building activities and handouts to facilitate continuous development.

Essential Motivators development areas

Personalized development insights

View bite-sized action tips and development strategies across selected competencies based on your unique profile.

Essential Motivators relationship insights

Explore and understand relationships

Consider practical action tips for working with teammates based on your unique combination of profiles.

Essential Motivators action plan

Personalize your action items

Select action tips and development tasks to create a personalized action item list.

Essential Motivators email reminder

Focus on results

Use automated reminders, prompts for status updates, and optional coach engagement tools to facilitate behavioral changes over time.