Performance Five

Enable personalized development and support teamwork

What is Performance Five?

Based on the analysis of decades of personality research, the scientific community supports five traits as foundational to understanding personality. The Performance Five assessment incorporates the latest personality trait research and allows you to view your assessments results across 5 primary traits and 30 subtraits as well as consider the characteristics of your blended personality pattern.

Why use Team Dashboard for personality assessment and development?

Team Dashboard puts personality knowledge into action. Unlock the power of personality knowledge with real-world context and sustained engagement.

Access on-demand relationship insights and action tips for working with members of your team
Access a deep library of research-based actionable development strategies targeted by type
Create and manage action plans and stay engaged with automated email suggestions and reminders
Personality Type self discovery assessment

Our approach to assessment

Unlike many proprietary trait-based assessments on the market, we use the latest assessment items that are open to scientific review and validation. Most trait assessments (such as Hogan2, Birkman3, etc) began with early personality researchers. Only Team Dashboard by Matrix Insights uses the latest “open” items as the basis for interpretive reports and analysis.

Understanding yourself is important,
but what do you do with that knowledge?

Team Dashboard helps teammates apply personality knowledge to solve their specific relationship challenges and develop their skills. To be useful, we all need actionable insights with the right context, at the point of immediate need.

Performance Five development areas

Relevance and impact

Focus individual development on competencies that research suggests will have the greatest impact on effectiveness.

Performance Five development strategies for Day-to-Day Management

Pragmatic development strategies.

Not everyone learns the same way and needs the same advice. Team Dashboard clarifies development strategies based on each person's personality profile.

Performance Five Relationship Insights between two team members

Learn with real world context

Specific relationship challenges provide the best opportunity to apply personality knowledge to achieve better outcomes. View practical action tips for working with teammates based on your combination of profiles.

Personality Type development action plan

Personalize your action items

Select action tips and development tasks to create a personalized action item list.

Personality Type development email reminder

Focus on results

Automated reminders and prompts for status updates facilitate behavior change over time.

Team Dashboard LLC products use self discovery methodologies, content and software that is proprietary to Team Dashboard LLC and our partners, and should not be confused with the MBTI® instrument and other products offered by CPP. The MBTI® is a registered trademark of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Trust in the United States and other countries.